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Eye Movement Training Application for Speed Reading

Below is a screenshot sample of the Speedy Eyes application and training experience. 

Speedy Eyes Application

Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 and Mac OS

Adobe Air Logo   Mac Logo HorizontalWindows Logo

Created on the powerful Adobe AIR platform, Speedy Eyes is compatible with Windows XP+  and Mac OS.

Multiple Crucial Eye Movement Training Exercises

Eye Training Exercises

Intuitively turn each of the 5 TYPES of exercises ON/OFF as desired. Also, set the number of cycles based on the specific exercises on which you want to focus.

Horizontal – Moves left-to-right at increasingly larger intervals to train reading one full line at a time.

Vertical – Moves up-and-down at increasingly larger intervals to help with vertical motility for line spanning.

Diagonal – Diagonal movement is the most taxing because it is a bit awkward. Diagonal movement helps with the moving from the end of one line to the start of the next.

Random – This is the ultimate in visual response training. This trains your eye to quickly move as the circle is positioned at random locations on the screen.

Expansion – This trains you to increase your field of vision so you can read more words or whole lines of text in groups.

Customize Your Training Experience

Application Preference

To make this a little more fun and engaging, we empower you to customize many aspects of the experience based on your color preferences. 

You may customize your preferences for the following (or just use the defaults):

  • Background / Canvas color
  • Eye object size
  • Eye object color
  • Metronomic sound ON/OFF
  • Sound effect

System Popup Reminder Notifications (This is OPTIONAL!)

Eye Exercise Reminder Notifications

We set you up for success by providing an OPTIONAL system reminder popup. If enabled, this small notification window reminds you to do your exercises.

Track Your Eye Training Progress & Application Usage

Application Usage Statistics

You will ABSOLUTELY and ONLY experience results if you actually USE Speedy Eyes! As much as we’d like to plug you into the matrix for learning… we cannot afford the Research & Development budget that would be required. 

We seek to set you up for success and encourage your use of the software by showing you basic usage statistics. We will be adding MANY usage tracking metrics, features and views to this in the future! 

We earnestly want you to experience the guaranteed results of at least DOUBLE your reading! This will only happen when you use the software! 

Application Settings & Options

Speedy Eyes Settings

We packed in quite a few application setup options so you can define how you want to interact with Speedy Eyes

The #1 reason you will fail at achieving your results is neglecting to use the application! 

In “Settings” you can make sure the application Loads on System Startup.

Other options allow you to control how Speedy Eyes operates when you start it… for example, you can instantly start your Eye Exercise set when the application is maximized in the normal OR full screen views. 



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