Why did we create Speedy Eyes for Speed Reading?

The idea and need were simple and straightforward… and it came partly as a result of reading Tim Ferriss’ ideas on “Minimum Effective Dose” (maximum results for minimum and intentionally focused efforts)…

Speed Reading & Speedy Eyes - Idea from Tim Ferriss

With speed reading, if you can read faster AND maintain comprehension … then you can consume more information, more quickly. This will allow you to read more OR use the time you save to do whatever else you want.

How did we create Speedy Eyes?

We evaluated and researched about a dozen speedy reading methods and studies, and found one type of training provides the quickest and best results in the shortest amount of time.

Speedy Eyes is 100% focused on that method… which provides quick results.

You Want to read MORE or LESS… to do more of what YOU enjoy.

In our experience, 2 kinds of people are most interested in speed reading. You are one or both…


Scenario #1: Read MORE!

  • You are a knowledge or fiction junky. You love input, words, pictures, and learning.
  • You love the smell of books and how it feels turning a page. (Unless you’ve converted to an e-reader!)
  • You are probably an outright book nerd.
  • Either way, YOU love reading and want to do more of it!
Book & Knowledge Nerd Benefits

  • More Reading
  • More Books
  • More Input
  • More Knowledge


Scenario #2: Read LESS! (Save Time)

  • You are a busy professional or student that wants to rescue your time.
  • You would rather get home earlier or get out on the town faster.
  • Finishing your workload more quickly empowers you to do more of whatever you want.
“Get It Done” Benefits

  • Finish Work Faster
  • Rescue Your Time
  • The Ultimate Life Hack!
  • Increase Productivity


Speed Reading Case Study: War and Peace

The English translation of the ridiculously thick War and Peace by Tolstoy has about 560,000 words.

Average Reading Speed = 46 hours

Average Reading SpeedAt the average adult reading speed of 200 word per minute, it would take 2,800 minutes, or ~46 hours to read the book. What if you could read twice as fast…?

Speed Reading = 23 hours RESCUED

Speed Reading Saves TimeReading at ~400 words per minute means, you would save ~ 23 hours  while reading this ONE book… that’s nearly a FULL DAY of your life.

What’s the big idea? How does it work?

The Quick & Easy Path to Speed Reading = Eye Training

Train your Eye Muscles for Quickest Speed Reading Results

Your eyes move using an intricate network of muscles.

Like all other muscles, your eyes need to be [re]trained.

Unfortunately, most people have DECADES of bad muscle habits that need to be demolished.

Speedy Eyes focuses 100% on breaking bad habits with eye training. 

Speedy Eyes SLAUGHTERS the Top 3 Bad Reading Habits

Top 3 Bad Reading Habits

#1. Decrease Eye Fixations – Stop reading word-by-word! Increase speed by reading phrases or a full line at a time.

#2. Stop Re-Reading – This is simple and universally true, most people read the same words and lines multiple times PER PAGE… this wastes A LOT of time.

#3. Eliminate Sub-Vocalization – Reading to yourself “in your head” is normal. Everyone does it. However, it severely impedes reading speed because it limits you to how fast (or slow) you can conversationally speak. 

Average Reading VS. Ninja Eye Training for Reading Faster

Are you curious about the Speedy Eyes training experience? The graphic below shows you a tiny sample of how easy, straight-forward, and simple eye movement training actually is…

How Speed Reading & Eye Movement Training Works with Speed Eyes

Will Speedy Eyes work for YOU?… YES!

IF you can read, then, YES… Speedy Eyes will absolutely work for you!

We gladly offer an 100%, No-Questions-Asked Guarantee!

If you cannot read, as we understand it… Hooked on Phonics works well for many people. Give it a whirl… then come back here!

Since checklists look really nice on a website AND you might identify with one of the options, we have included one for your viewing pleasure below! Speedy Eyes works for…

Money Back Guarantee

  • College & PhD Students
  • Highschool Students
  • Professionals
  • Teachers & Professors
  • Leisure Readers
  • Parents
  • Trained Orangutans**
  • Executives
  • Bloggers
  • Busy People
  • Information Junkies 

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* Warning & Disclaimer!

Unfortunately this has to be stated. You will FAIL to experience results if you do not use Speedy Eyes as suggested! This should go without saying, but it is important for it to be directly stated!

Unfortunately, many people purchase software or programs like this and do not use them, then complain or get frustrated with no or mediocre results. Don’t let this be you! Buy Speedy Eyes and use it! This is risk-free to you because we guarantee results or we will gladly refund your entire purchase within a full 90 days!

** In case this is not obvious, we don’t actually guarantee that trained orangutans will experience results with Speedy Eyes.